Aidsteel has a solid expertise in the industrial piping field, in terms of plants design, isometric 3D and best materials choice. We realize oleodynamic, pneumatics, lubricant, hydraulic, on board and interconnecting plants.

Moreover, we are able to realize buttweld, cutting ring and flare fittings on demand, totally in house, to satisfy every customer's needs. We design and install carbon steel and stainless pipings with radiographic check-ups.

We do shape and calendaring, pressure tests, weld cleaning, galvanizing and painting.

Eseguiamo sagomatura e calandratura del tubing e del piping, test in pressione, decapaggio, zincatura e verniciatura secondo ciclo di specifico.
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We provide a vast range of services in mechanical engineering’s field: from design to metal works, from automation to revamping.

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Aidsteel supports customers from the initial brief to testing.

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