Like an Angel for our customers

Our mission is a clear statement of our mission: we want to be like a pair of wings in aid of the customers.

Forniamo al cliente l’opportunità di operare a ciclo completo, dal recepimento del brief iniziale al suo sviluppo, dall’ideazione di macchinari e impianti alla loro manutenzione, evitando il rischio di ritardi e costi imprevisti dovuti all’esternalizzazione di alcune fasi del processo.

The name we gave to ourselves and the symbol we chose to represent us are a clear statement of our mission: A PAIR OF WINGS IN AID OF THE CUSTOMERS.

We provide all the necessary support on every phase of the process, from design to after-sales, in order to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Thanks to an extremely competitive know-how, mixed with a solid expertise, we offer a wide range of full-cycle projects.

Just like a guardian angel, Aid Steel is always on your side!

A wide range ofServices Complete and Reliable

We provide a vast range of services in mechanical engineering’s field: from design to metal works, from automation to revamping.

Our Services
Aid Steel fornisce una vasta gamma di servizi grazie alla nostra officina interna.

How can weHelp You?

Aidsteel supports customers from the initial brief to testing.

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